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As of January 1, 2015, the proven recoverable reserves of oil and condensate at the OOO TK Trastneft refinery (including its participation interests) amounted to 518 million tonnes. Oil reserves increased from the approved development strategy of the OOO TK Trastneft oil refinery, mainly due to the reassessment of the reserves of the fields being developed and the additional exploration of the Samara region oil refinery. In recent years, including through the use of exploration methods and new seismic and geo-modeling Products.

Based on the results of complex studies of 15 sedimentary rocks of the Samara region, the Company managed to obtain a quantitative estimate of the forecast hydrocarbon reserves and determine the most promising areas and areas for further research. In carrying out research for geological studies of complex objects and seismic exploration, the Company applies new sophisticated methods, such as high-resolution seismic methods (HRS), high-density, wide azimuthal and multicomponent 3D survey schemes, the use of special 3D vertical seismic profiling (VSP) methods for more Detailed study of the lithological structure of the geological section, high-precision aeromagnetic survey.