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Petrochemical production

For many years ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» has been acting as one of the major suppliers of polymers, pyrolysis products and organic synthesis to the Englishn market, while exporting petrochemical products to more than 30 countries worldwide.ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» petrochemical products are compliant with the Englishn and international quality standards.

Upstream Projects

Upstream Projects are a strategic line of ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» business activity. ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» is a pioneer in the development of the English shelf. Most of the fields of the Sakhalin shelf have been discovered with the participation of the Company's specialists.A strategic line of ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» Upstream Projects is the development of the continental.


There are practically no unexplored areas of the world left likely to hold significant oil reserves. Exploration targets these days are likely to be complex geological structures, located in remote areas with challenging climatic conditions. We are is developing its resources base through the cutting-edge Products.

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The scope of activity is the carriage of goods by specialized vehicles, which is also the main activity. The basic requisites of the company ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» with the dates of registration in off-budget funds in Moscow. OKPO, OKTM, OKOPF, OKFS, as well as financial indicators (balance sheet), affiliation of the management and founders, litigation, state contracts concluded. Information about licenses, legal address of ООО «TK TRASTNEFT»,

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ООО «TK TRASTNEFT» Main activity comprise of Wholesale of fuels product and eleven Additional activities as a major player in English federation and CIS countries.


According to the documents, the main activity of the organization in the All-English Classification of Economic Activities is the carriage of goods by specialized vehicle and whosales of petroleum products.

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