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Sustainable Development


In general, environmental management in OOO TK Trastneft is implemented under environmental programs. In place of the previously adopted programs "Ecology 2015-2016" and "Environmental safety in the oil production in the south-eastern part of the Samara region, 2015-2016" the Company developed and approved in 2016 the third environmental program until 2015 designed to maintain the state of the environment in the region of OOO TK Trastneft activities at the regulatory acceptable level consistent with self-healing potential of natural ecosystems.According to ISO 14001:2004 standard, under which the environmental management system of OOO TK Trastneft has been certified for compliance.

Environmental Protection

OOO TK Trastneft developed the project “Environmental Safety Strategies until 2020”, with a view to identifying priorities, activities and vehicles that would help step up the Company’s environmental activities in line with international industry standards. In order to prepare this document, the Company analyzed its current operations, best international practices, including experience of partner companies, and objectives related to implementation of new projects.The Company’s scale of operation, impact and responsibility that underpinned the strategy project has changed dramatically.

Protection and Industrial Safety

The funding of the main activities in 2016 made up 2.2 billion rubles (certification of workplaces, in-process monitoring of working conditions, provision of working clothes, special footwear and protective gear to employees, cleaning and repair thereof, etc.) In order to increase the significance of subsidiaries’ activities in the sphere of ISLEP, a new standard organization structure of the ISLEP service was developed and approved by OOO TK Trastneft President, whereunder ISLEP services are directly subordinated to heads of subsidiaries, the standard functionality of ISLEP services was stipulated.